How to Create Effective Training Videos

Training videos are an effective way of proving new and existing staff with information about your company as well as training. This could be training in order to assist internal staff progression, or to reiterate particular standards and protocols that your business needs to adhere to. Video can be used as a means of providing this information in an accessible, engaging and memorable way. If you’re looking to incorporate training videos to your companies educational offering we’ve provided a selection of key elements that need to be taken into consideration below.


The Script

As we have mentioned above, training videos can be both effective and engaging, but in order to have this effect you need to know which employees you’ll be making the content for. If you’re showing the video to your entre workforce for example, you’ll need to make it accessible to a variety of demographics and easy to understand. However if this is a training video for an individual in a particular field, you can include more specialist information and jargon as the employee already works in the area being covered.


Video Structure

Now that you know who you’re making the video for, it’s time to think about the structure of the video. In the same way as designing educational training materials, you need to include these elements of design in a training video. As the video is being created in order to communicate information you need to decide whether that information is best relayed through live action footage, animation, or a combination of the two. Make sure that you are telling an informative story in a linear and easy to follow way.


The Production

You should see your employees as an asset to your company, and as such if you’re producing training materials in order to educate or develop individuals, you need to make sure that you are doing this to the best of your ability. Any training materials you show staff should be on a par with the videos you would show to clients or customers. The video is a reflection of your business as well as the value you place on your employees. Thankfully a polished training video doesn’t necessarily need to break the bank. As a video production company working with a variety of different sized businesses, we take both budget and brief into account in order to create professional and effective videos.


Invest in Voiceover

No matter whether you’re using a company head to present the training video or enlisting the help of a freelancer to create a voiceover to add to your video footage, you need to make sure that these individuals have a clear voice that is easy to understand and pleasant to listen to. By investing in a great voiceover artist you will be able to add their experience and expertise in highlighting key points through shifts in tone, variations in enunciation and diction. This will make the information easier to follow and remember for your employees.


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