Infographic: A Guide To Sharing Content Online

As we have previously discussed, the age of great content marketing is upon us. Content has never been more relevant in the digital realm as businesses look to promote their services and products using unique ways of communicating with their audiences. Digital content has the power to attract new audiences and customers as well as maintaining the ones you already have. Content is peddled through the many social media platforms in order to reach its audience destination. Each platform has a specific science of when and what to share in order to gain the maximum impressions. Our guide to sharing content online will aim to help break this down for you to use on your own content campaigns.


The guide covers statistics such as why certain users follow brands on Facebook. The results should help you to see what engages the audience’s minds and consequently, how you should be focusing your own content. The statistics show a mixed set of results with supporting the brand (49%) for a discount (42%) for brand updates (41%) all reasons given for following a business page on Facebook.


Our guide also reveals the power of Instagram. With a 58 times higher engagement rate than Facebook and a 120x better engagement rate than twitter there has never been a better time to get onto Instagram. Out guide also provides additional helpful statistics such as images with faces gain 38% more likes. All of these statistics can help you modify your content campaigns.


As discussed previously, video content and especially YouTube content is the future of content marketing. Our guide shows just how often YouTube is watched; with 400 hours of video watched per minute and 5 billion videos watched on the day, you would be mad not to be tapping into this market. There are also statistics which back up our statement such as companies using video enjoy 41% more traffic than non-users and video posts that average 1200% more shares than text and images combined.


We have also provided you with the results as to why users share content. The majority of users (45%) share content because they find it interesting or entertaining. (30%) of users share because they think it will be helpful, were as (15%) of users share content for a laugh. Whatever you do with your content, get your intended audience correct and find your intended focus for your content to gain maximum engagement. The guide will aim to teach you so much more than we have discussed here, we hope the information is as useful to you as it has been for us.