Infographic – 31 Must Know Video Marketing Stats

If you don’t know by now, content is king. The current king of content is video marketing. It is essential in providing you with cutting edge content which will display your brand as a forward thinking, advanced brand. Don’t believe us? Well here at Hyperfine, we have collated a list of the most important video marketing stats that you must know, to help you release that video marketing is the future of content.

Our infographic breaks down essential facts into five sections. Conversion rates, who uses video, user interaction, spending and content. The conversion statistics include video landing page conversions, YouTube mobile video consumption and many more conversion statistics that will convince you that video marketing can and will convert sales and increase interaction with your brand.

Who uses video? The statistics in this section of the infographic will aim to show you exactly who watches video online. This will help you to understand the vast numbers of potential customers that can be attracted and interacting with your brand.

User interaction section stats will help you to understand just how your potential customers use video. It shows the level of trust that video can provide as well as the psychological impact that videos can have on potential customers.

We can see from the infographic the levels of spending that goes into video marketing as well as the types of video that are shareable and watchable. All this information can help you to understand how vital video marketing can be to your company. Call us today to find out how we can provide video content for you today.