Adobe editing software gets a powerful boost

In their traditional spring updates, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects have been updated with powerful new features, allowing video production companies like Hyperfine Media to deliver better videos in less time.

The upgrades include powerful automated artificial intelligence (AI) tools for colour matching on Premiere Pro and a new Master Properties function on After Effects that makes elements editable in multiple locations.

Released yesterday, the changes will speed up workflows for filmmakers, media companies and production companies, allowing them to deliver more content across different platforms.

“The demands and pace of video content creation are reaching levels we’ve never seen before. The time pressure on video professionals means the need for powerful and efficient creative tools has never been greater,” said Steven Warner, Vice President of Digital Video and Audio at Adobe.

In this blog post, we detail what we see as the most important changes on Premiere Pro and After Effects and give a sense of how they will impact on video projects.

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro, Adobe’s video editing software for professional filmmakers, has been given two powerful AI upgrades.

Driven by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s AI engine, the Creative Cloud software has been updated with a new Colour Match feature that will automatically grade colours and light values from a chosen reference image.

This will make it far easier to combine footage from different cameras and shots that are taken at different times of day. A new face detection feature also helps grade skin tones more easily when colour matching.

Adobe has also introduced a side-by-side comparison view to help professional editors compare colours and fine-tune images.

“Split screen comparison for colour matching has been a long time coming but it will be immensely useful for editors,” said Ben Robinson, Creative Producer at Hyperfine Media.

He continued: “Artificial intelligence will help us save time with colour grading but features like the side by side comparison mean that we hold onto creative control and make sure that everything is perfect.”

Premiere Pro has also been updated with a new AI-powered auto-ducking feature to dip background music when dialogue comes in. Again, this will help professional editors improve their speed and accuracy.

Within Premiere Pro, Adobe have also made improvements to the Essential Graphics Panel.

Ben said: “Essential graphics was introduced some time ago and it seemed like a great idea, but it was quite limited in practice. It has definitely improved with this release and now we can apply quite advanced motion graphics and animations directly inside Premiere Pro, without having to use After Effects.”

After Effects

Hyperfine Media uses After Effects to edit motion graphics and animations. The spring update has bolstered the Creative Cloud software, streamlining workflows to speed up production and editing processes.

One of the major changes is a new Master Properties option that gives users the power to control layers of a nested pre-composition within a main composition – essentially meaning that a single element can be adjusted across multiple locations at the same time.

“This will dramatically speed up our workflows, resulting in much tidier projects without the need to duplicate compositions many times for different animations,” Ben said.

School of Motion has already published a video on how to use the new Master Properties feature in AE

Editors can also add more properties to the Essential Graphics Panel to export as Motion Graphics templates. This means that there’s more potential to share templates to Premiere Pro projects and create more complex animations without going to After Effects.

Virtual reality and 360 video content also get a boost with Adobe Immersive Environment allowing creatives to preview projects on a headset without exporting out of the programme – as well as an option that adjusts flat graphics to fit a spherical format.

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