Making a high-quality video can represent a significant initial investment.

Videos can help companies reach more people but to squeeze all the value from their video investment, brands need to look at ways of repurposing video content.

Great video content can be re-used time and again long after it has served its initial purpose.

If you use a professional video company like Hyperfine Media, they will think carefully on how you can maximise the returns on investment for a video.

Make video go further and improve return on investment with these straightforward tips to repurpose video content.

Transcribe the video in a blog post

Transcribing a video means that spoken content can be indexed by Google, giving your company blog an SEO boost.

Post short edits on social media

Some videos are too long for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Shorter edits or clip highlights can engage attention or create a buzz about the main video.

Turn a video case study into a podcast

Podcasts are usually more in-depth than videos. If you have a great video case study, get the subject back to participate in a tell-all podcast episode.

Podcast example - hyperfine media

Janet Murray is an expert at repurposing content. She regularly creates podcast episodes based on client successes.

Create a video series

Got a popular video? Don’t stop there. Follow the same basic format and create a series of videos using the original as your inspiration.

Hold a live Q&A

Has a video sparked a reaction from your target audience? A live question and answer session can help keep the buzz going.

Use video at events

A looping video can make you stand out in crowded exhibition spaces. Just make sure the video has subtitles so people know what’s going on.

Re-use footage in other videos

Good footage can be re-used on multiple videos. Establishing shots, employee shots and product shots can all be remixed and re-used across different videos.

Use behind the scenes clips

Behind the scenes clips and interviews give your audience a keen insight into your organisation. It can also help tease the launch of a new video, product or service.

Turn videos into infographics

Infographics and information pages that explain your product or service are great for customers trying to find out about your process. Videos, stills and short clips can be used to enhance this content.

Use case study videos in your sales pitch

Case study videos are great for convincing potential customers to choose you over your competitors. Add one to your sales desk to convert more wavering buyers into customers.

Create a Facebook video cover image

Facebook has rolled out video cover images to business pages, making your business page more dynamic and noticeable.

Trim short video clips into GIFs

GIFs are easy to create and very shareable. You can use them in messaging, emails, blog posts and on social media. You can also upload your clip to a GIF keyboard like Tenor or GIPHY so that other people can use them as well.

Upload videos to social media natively

Many companies just host videos on platforms like YouTube, but uploading video files directly on Facebook an Instagram gives them a bigger reach.

Break up long interviews

Long interview videos can be broken down into clips of individual questions and distributed on social media or in a company blog.

Merge case studies into a customer satisfaction video

If you have several case studies from different clients, you can splice the highlights together into a longer customer satisfaction video.

Create a bloopers video

When you are producing videos, there are always some bloopers and outtakes from shoots. If it makes sense for your business, this can help humanise your brand.

Use video stills on your blog or website

If you don’t have a photographer standing by, still images from your business can be hard to come by. But you can take good quality stills from videos to use elsewhere in your marketing.

Create a LinkedIn SlideShare

Use visual content from videos to create a presentation to share on LinkedIn SlideShare, or another presentation sharing website. This is particularly effective if you have created animation assets.

Use explainer videos on an FAQs page

Explainer videos are perfect for answering customer questions. If you have one or several of these videos, you can put them on a special FAQs page to build trust from your customers.

Convert your video into a newsletter

People that sign up to your company newsletter always want exciting content. You can create a video newsletter and invite customers that have subscribed to your business to watch it.

Get featured in the news

Depending on what the video is about, you could get it featured online on websites like Huffington Post, Medium or on a local newspaper website. Identify a good target for your video and email a journalist or editor.

Embed the video into a blog post

Publishing a video on your blog post gives you a permanent place for it. And it means that the video will drive traffic to your website instead of a third-party platform like YouTube.


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