2018: The Year of the ‘How To’ Video

How to videos are beginning to take off in a big way. In 2018, companies can leverage the power of learning to boost their exposure and create deeper more meaningful bonds with their customers.

More than ever, people are turning to videos for guidance.

This relatively straightforward how-to video was a viral sensation in 2017 (we think it had something to do with the cat):

We’ve all been in a position where we’ve been unsure how to do something. But whether they’re seeking step-by-step instructions or a broader introduction to a topic, video is the perfect medium to provide answers.

Data from video sharing platform YouTube reveals how much consumers use the platform to learn.

YouTube’s values survey, completed in October last year holds some interesting insights on ‘how-to’ videos.

YouTube found that more than seven in ten viewers use the platform to help with a problem they’re having in work, studies or hobbies.

When asked why people used YouTube, 86% said they regularly turned to YouTube to learn something new and 65% said they used it to help fix something at home or in the car.

For reference, 57% of viewers said they used YouTube to be entertained and only 42% said they used it to relax.

To further prove the popularity of how-to and learning content, YouTube also asked users how content made them feel.

People most commonly reported feeling ‘prepared,’ ‘smarter’ and ‘inspired’ after watching content on YouTube.

How companies can make the most of how-to videos

Internet users clearly value opportunities to learn. Marketers can capture this interest at key moments and build strong bonds with customers by creating engaging ‘how-to’ video content.

To make sure you are reaching the right customers, you need to create the right videos.

This doesn’t mean creating videos about broad industry problems – but really drilling down into your target audience, finding out what makes them tick and building content based on that.

There are several ways to plan this content.

Go with your gut

You and your staff probably already know all about your customer’s pains – that’s probably why you are in the business. Some of the videos will be straightforward – it might just be how to use or clean a product whereas others will require more imagination.

Trawl social media

You can expand on your own insights by trawling social media for interesting topics. People are always eager to complain on Twitter and lots of people use Facebook to share emotional content that they connect with.

Improve existing videos

It’s usually better to be original, particularly if you are clear about who you your messages are targeting. But almost everything has been done by someone else before – it’s your job to do it ten times better.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a great tool for content planning because it trawls search engine data to find out what kind of questions people are using the internet for. It’s a goldmine of insights for marketers.

Answer the Public content tree