Training Videos

* Corporate video for Safety at Height

Video is increasingly being used for training in a corporate or business environment.

Using video as part of your structured training programmes means that:

  • You don’t need to get everyone together in one place at one time to deliver your training course. Course participants can complete the training at their leisure and revisit key modules as required.
  • You can film demonstrations or best practise case studies that might be otherwise difficult to convey in the classroom

Video is also useful for more informal training.  You only need to google ‘How to…’ to see that video is now the preferred medium for helping people do everything from removing a wine stain to building a house. This type of ‘How to’ video can also be useful for businesses to show how their products or services can be put into practise. Informal training videos like this reinforce the value of your services to both your existing customers and potential new clients.

Video is especially useful for software training and demonstrations – we can record the software directly from the computer and create step-by-step walkthroughs with a voiceover and captions.

We also work with online training providers to create training video content for their courses – for example those based on open source platforms such as Moodle.

Skype for Business – Software Tutorial

Videos are ideal for training and demonstrations of software products and platforms. We produce these by first scripting the step-by-step process to be demonstrated, then recording the software screens directly from the computer. Next we add a voiceover and retime the screens recordings to match, and finally we add zooms, highlights and onscreen captions to [read more…]

Gorvins – Legal Training Video

Gorvins is a prestigious firm of solicitors based in Stockport. One area of law they wanted to highlight was ‘Power of Attorney’, and in particular they wanted to help bank staff understand how to interpret power of attorney documents. We filmed one of their partners talking through the key points and to illustrate these we [read more…]

Glassafe – Step-by-step usage guide

Glassafe is a unique ‘stillage’, or stand, designed to safely store large panels of glass during construction projects. The inventor of Glassafe, Ian Grimshaw, needed a video to explain the step-by-step process of how the stillage should be set up, safely used and disassembled. The advantage of this video is that Ian can show end-users [read more…]

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