Case Study & Testimonial videos

Interview-based case study & testimonial videos

Often the most effective videos have a strong narrative or compelling story behind them – and that usually means hearing directly from the people involved.

For businesses we can interview your directors, your key staff or your in-house experts.  All of these can help convey the history and character of the company and really bring your company values to life.

Or we can interview your key clients about how your business has helped them. Client testimonials like these are very effective at engaging with new customers who see that someone like themselves has benefitted from your business.

Interviews and testimonials are especially powerful when it comes to charities or corporate social responsibility (CSR) schemes.  Hearing from volunteers or beneficiaries can bring home the work of the charity and help to attract and retain supporters.

We’re very experienced in helping put people at ease on camera and conducting interviews that can be edited down into concise and compelling videos.

Eco Lighting – Case Study

This case study for Eco Lighting Specialists shows how their client Graham & Brown slashed their lighting costs and carbon emissions by installing LED lighting. The video is built around an interview with the client to provide genuine feedback about the service provided by Eco Lighting Specialists. We visited the installation several times during the [read more…]

Speed of Sight – World Record Attempt

Almost all of our charity videos are based around interviews. This is because charities impact people in a meaningful and potentially life-changing way, and these stories deserve to be told. We filmed driver Mike Newman, who is registered blind, as he attempted to break the world blind land speed record. This had been a personal [read more…]

JacRox – Customer Testimonial

A very common type of video – and one of the easiest for us to produce – is customer testimonials. These are short and simple videos in which your customers, clients and supporters say in their own words how they have benefited from your services. Because these are unscripted and feature genuine customers, they come [read more…]

Faith in Nature – 40th Anniversary

Video is a great way of communicating the values and character of your business, especially if it’s a personal success story. In this example Rivka Rose talks through her experience of taking natural beauty products company Faith in Nature from humble beginnings to a global brand. The video was created for the company’s 40th anniversary [read more…]

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