Animation & Motion Graphics

Explainer videos, 2D & 3D animation

We are specialists in animation, adding dynamic, engaging elements to your existing brand, website or social media.

From complex 3D models to animated characters or dynamic motion graphics, we use the type of animation best suited to your project.

Explaining your business model in a short, simple animation can seem very challenging, but we manage the whole process, from scripting and storyboard, to design and animation, voiceover and music.

Get in touch today to discuss how our animations could enhance your business, or watch through some of the clips taken from recent projects below.

iTeamMate explainer animation

iTeamMate is an online portal for effectively managing league football teams. This is an example of a simple ‘web explainer’ animation that introduces their key products and services in a style that enhances their brand. View the full video at

Blabbermouth – Top Tips explainer animation

Blabbermouth is a PR and marketing agency for the telecomms sector. In this animation we brought to life their top tips for making the most of exhibiting. We used a simple, bold style in keeping with their brand.

NHS North West Leadership Academy animation

This is one of a series of animations for the NHS Northwest Leadership Academy. The animations explore the changing landscape facing NHS leaders and how the NHS NWLA can help them adapt and evolve. The characters and style were designed especially for this brief.

NHS Compassion Recognition Scheme

Working with North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare Trust we helped to launch the ‘Leading with Compassion Scheme’ that recognised compassionate acts within the NHS. The scheme spread to 11 organisations and prompted over 1500 nominations. This animation was created to celebrate the success of the scheme and summarise the key findings. We’re now working with the [read more…]

Bolton Hospice

This animation for Bolton Hospice follows the emotional journey of a widow as she opens her husband’s box of treasured memories. We illustrated and animated this in a subtle, classic style to match the tone of the story.

The Manufacturing Institute

This animation is slightly more ‘technical’ in style. Our client was The Manufacturing Institute who wanted to promote their ‘Manufacturers’ Network’ online platform. The target audience was manufacturing and engineering companies, so we used a clean, uncluttered animation style to showcase the platform.

BBC iWonder (examples)

In 2015-16 we created 23 animated infographics for the BBC iWonder website covering science, nature, economics, history, technology, sports and health. This video shows a sample of the styles we used to present a wealth of facts and figures without losing the viewer’s attention. You can read more about the project here

Empactis (excerpt)

Many of our corporate animations are designed to introduce unfamiliar business products and services. This animation for Empactis explains how their suite of tools can transform the organisational structure of companies and public sector bodies. View the full video at

The Global Village

Animated infographics can be a great way to capture the attention and encourage sharing on social platforms. In this example we look at some of the surprising facts and figures that emerge when the world population is represented as a village of 100 people. Statistics taken from Transcribed Video 7 billion people share this planet [read more…]

Sabisu – Dynamic Software Demo

Sabisu offers real-time data reporting for the energy industries and petrochemical companies. We took elements of their software and animated this in a dynamic way, as well as adding 3D environments and animated photography. The final video introduces the business with real impact at a high level, with the finer detail of the software left to be covered [read more…]

Lazy – Facebook Advert

This animation was created for a Facebook campaign. This means we had to make it shorter and snappier than usual in order to engage the target demographic. After getting an understanding of the client requirements we came up with the concept of ‘Five Signs You’re Really Lazy’, with the final one of these designed to generate leads for [read more…]

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