Whether you’ve organised a company AGM, an awards dinner, an industry conference or a fashion show, video can capture the moment for the attendees, provide a glimpse into the day for those who couldn’t be there and help attract visitors to future events.

Often it’s the speakers and presentations that are most important. In those cases we recommend capturing each presentation in its entirety using two cameras and wireless microphones.  We can also record any presentation material (such as powerpoint) directly from the speaker’s laptop and edit this into the video.

In other cases it’s more important to capture the general feel of the day.  In those cases we try to capture plenty of the little details that bring the event to life – from the building exterior to table decorations to networking sessions.  We can also speak to the presenters or audience members to get their feedback on the day.

We can edit the footage into a series of videos featuring the different speakers, a short highlight package of the whole day or whatever other format you might need for promoting future events.

Event Videos Examples

R4GM – Upcycled Fashion Show

The Recycle For Greater Manchester Fashion Show was the culmination of a series of events and workshops to highlight the practise of ‘upcycling’ – making new fashions from old clothes and other materials. It was a fun, funky and fast-paced event held at Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, and we captured the atmosphere in this video. We interviewed some of the designers, stallholders and other members of the upcycling community, as well as the centrepiece of the show – the catwalk parade. As well as filming the event itself we also produced a number of case studies and sewing tutorials in the run-up to the event which played out on a big screen on the night.

HR Exchange – Professionals Network

We’re often asked to film network events, professional bodies and business seminars. Here’s an example of how we create a ‘highlights’ video from such an event. Often it’s more important to capture a flavour of the event than simply reproduce everything that was said on the day. In this example we created a short video for the HR Exchange to explain the idea behind the events and promote upcoming dates in their schedule. We always try to interview the organisers to explain the context as well as speak to attendees to get their feedback about the event.

Kay Johnson Gee – John Amaechi Masterclass

Kay Johnson Gee organise a regular series of ‘masterclasses’ for their clients and other interested parties, on topics ranging from online marketing to influence & persuasion. These are presented by some of the top speakers in their fields. We’ve filmed several of these with two aims. Firstly we provide a 15 minute highlights video which is only accessible to attendees on the day as a ‘takeaway’ of the key points of the session. Secondly we always try to speak to several attendees to get their thoughts on the session. We use this feedback, along with short clips of the presentations, to promote upcoming events on social media and the Kay Johnson Gee website. In this example we hear from attendees to John Amaechi’s masterclass on Inclusive Leadership.