A corporate video is the most effective way of introducing your business or organisation.

Our corporate videos really get to the heart of who you are and what you do.

We’ll take the time to learn about your business and suggest the right type of video for you. This might mean taking a personal approach, putting you, your staff or your clients at the heart of the story through interviews and fly-on-the wall filming.  Or it might mean a high-level approach with a brochure style video using a voiceover.  Whatever your business, we can find a style to fit.

The look of the video will match and enhance your brand or website design.  We often incorporate animated segments in our corporate videos – typically an animated logo and onscreen facts and figures, but also animated maps, montages of client logos, technical animations, and animated infographics.  All this helps our videos stand apart from the crowd.

We’ll manage the whole end-to-end process, from scripting through filming, editing, graphics, music and voiceover – all the way through to formatting and upload.

We can even help your corporate video find an audience – by creating a dedicated YouTube or Vimeo account, embedding the video on your website or sharing the video on your social media channels.

Examples of Our Corporate Videos

Corporate Video – Safety at Height

Safety at Height provide a range of safety products, equipment maintenance and training for people working at heights. They wanted a corporate video to give a comprehensive overview of all of their products and services.

This is an example of one of our more traditional corporate videos, featuring a mixture of video footage, photography and graphics, and given a strong narrative structure with a voiceover. We filmed their staff on several sites using a variety of different products. We also incorporated additional footage and photos they supplied. We included an animated map to show they are part of a global network, as well as animated infographics to demonstrate the need for their products. We also designed a consistent look to carry through the video that matches their existing web and print literature.

Recently we updated the video with a new animated logo to reflect their current branding.

Corporate Video – Simon Jersey

Simon Jersey are a Lancashire-based company providing workwear to sectors such as hospitality and healthcare. This is an example of a corporate video based around a series of interviews with members of staff.

This type of video gives a more ‘personal’ face to the company. We spoke to designers, the management team and staff who worked in the warehouse as well as filming every aspect of the business. We also included plenty of shots of their current and upcoming clothing ranges. The final video gives a glimpse into the inner workings of the company and helps bring their work to an audience of potential new clients.

Corporate/ Expo Video – Encirc

Encirc are one of the UK’s leading glass bottle-manufacturing plants, and we created this video for award-winning PR agency Tangerine on their behalf.

The video was designed primarily to be shown on a big screen at an expo, so it doesn’t include a voiceover or interviews. The plant itself is hugely impressive in scale, which we tried to convey using simple, bold visuals and onscreen facts and figures about their processes and output. The technique we used for the graphics is called ‘motion tracking’ which allows us to incorporate text into the video footage and give the illusion of it interacting with the surroundings. We’ve found this technique to be very effective for manufacturers, engineers and any other company who has a visually engaging business to showcase.